Incidental Financial Business

We may now or at some future date carry out incidental financial business for you and are required by The Law Society of Scotland to advise you of the following Terms of Business:-

(a)           The Firm is licensed by The Law Society of Scotland to carry out incidental financial business activities under the Solicitors (Scotland) (Incidental Financial Business) Practice Rules 2004 and any re-statement thereof.  These activities are limited in scope.  For example, any investment advice obtained will be obtained from a firm of stockbrokers or other authorised third party.  Our Firm will not comment on their advice, but can make arrangements for independent financial advice to be provided.  Ordinarily, given the limited scope of the activities permitted under the regime, the specific incidental financial business will be the sale/purchase of various shares through stockbrokers or otherwise as agreed with you and on your instructions.

(b)            The Firm is not authorised by the Financial Services Authority under the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000.

(c)             The Firm is covered by Professional Indemnity Insurance under The Law Society of Scotland’s Master Policy and also the Scottish Solicitors Guarantee Fund. The current limit of indemnity on the Master Policy is £2.00 million per claim. The Firm of Munro & Noble is also covered by the Scottish Solicitors Guarantee Fund, which is a fund established by Section 43 of the Solicitors (Scotland) Act 1980 for the purposes of making grants in order to compensate persons who, in the opinion of the Council of the Law Society of Scotland, suffer pecuniary loss by reason of dishonesty on the part of a Scottish solicitor in connection with the practice of the solicitor.

(d)            Any complaint about the service provided by the Firm in relation to incidental financial business should be directed to the Senior Partner as stated in these Terms of Business.  Furthermore, you have a right to complain to the Scottish Legal Complaints Commission, Capital Building, 12-13 St Andrew Square, Edinburgh, EH2 2AF , telephone 0131 528 5111 and website

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