Residence and Contact Orders

Separation and divorce should not end your involvement and responsibility as a parent unless it is not in your child’s interests.   It is only in exceptional circumstances that a court will consider that contact with one or both parents is not in the best interest of the child.  Unless there is a court order in place in most circumstances it would be unlawful for one parent to withhold contact from the other parent.

Children require stability and continuity, especially if their family life is changing.  In most circumstances they will usually require the need the care and support of both parents.  This means both you and your former partner/spouse will require to cooperate and remain focussed upon the interests of your children.

Our experienced Family Law team can advise you as to your legal rights in respect of having residence or specified contact with your child or children.  We can assist you in reaching an agreement with your former spouse or partner as to the ongoing care arrangements.  If it is not possible to reach an amicable arrangement we can assist you in raising court action to assert your parental rights and responsibilities, whilst always keeping the best interest of the children as our primary focus. 

Click on the link to download a leaflet on Separation.

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