Employment Tribunal

If a dispute between you and your employer has not been resolved through your employer’s internal grievance or disciplinary process, or there has been an unsuccessful attempt to mediate or arbitrate the issue, then the matter may have to be referred to an Employment Tribunal.

Employment Tribunals hear cases involving employment disputes which have not been resolved by other means. Although not as formal as a court hearing, the decisions made by the tribunal are legally binding and must be enforced.

Employment Tribunals only hear cases which relate to specific infringements on your rights. There are a large number of claims to be made; these include:

  • Unfair & constructive dismissal
  • Discrimination regarding sex, race, age, sexual orientation, religion or belief
  • Breach of contract
  • Equal pay
  • Maternity & Parental claims

In most cases, it is important to note there is a time limit as to when an application can be made. Usually the time runs from when your employment ended, or when the incident you are complaining about happened.

Before applying, it is important to seek the professional guidance of solicitors who know what they’re talking about. At Munro & Noble we can help you as an employee through the application process, prepare you for, and represent you at the tribunal.

We can also provide representation for employers who find themselves subject to Employment Tribunal orders.

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