Employment Contracts

We live and conduct business in unprecedented times of change. The rules governing employment, both from a legislative perspective and a business perspective, are not immune from such change.

To allow a business flexibility in meeting any changes, contemporary thinking is to issue an open and generic Contract of Employment, at the same time issue the specific terms and conditions of employment within an Employment Manual.

The Employment Manual will be a statement of the terms and particulars of employment within the business. By utilising this method of formalising a business’s relationship with staff, as legislation changes, or new operational conditions come into existence, any changes to the terms of employment can be identified and notified to the staff by upgrading the Employment Manual. This prevents the necessity for issuing new Contracts of Employment each time a change occurs.

Here at Munro & Noble we can guide you through the process of meeting your legal obligation, at the same time allowing your business to maintain some flexibility to meet change.

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