Employment Law Services – Price Guide

At Munro & Noble we would be pleased to assist should you find yourself in a situation whereby you require Employment Law Advice or guidance.  


Settlement Agreement/Compromise Agreement

Please telephone our office to check the availability/capacity of our solicitors to deal with any other employment law matter.


  • Legal Fees & VAT

Munro & Noble are entitled to charge fees for legal services provided to clients for all work undertaken on their behalf.  VAT at the applicable  rate at the time of issue of an invoice  is also chargeable.

  • Outlays (ie third party costs)

Outlays, which are costs payable to third parties, may necessarily be incurred from time to time. Outlays include, but are not limited to, registration fees and Court fees.  We will endeavour to make payment of any outlays on your behalf. We find that this ensures  a more efficient and less disjointed process and takes some of the burden off you in terms of the paperwork and procedure involved.


Our Team would be prepared to give advice upon the terms of the Settlement Agreement/Compromise Agreement produced by your employer on the basis that the fixed fee your employer will pay will be paid directly to Munro & Noble by your employer (see below).

Munro & Noble’s costs for Settlement /Compromise Agreements:-  

Where settlement terms have been agreed and where your employer has produced a Settlement Agreement/Compromise Agreement, this will often include a fixed fee that your employer will pay to your legal adviser for  giving advice to you upon the terms and conditions of Settlement Agreement/Compromise Agreement itself.

Please note, however, that Munro & Noble reserve the right to charge an additional fee to you directly should you not be content with the terms of the Settlement Agreement/Compromise Agreement  as drafted by your  Employer and protracted correspondence / negotiation is required to reach agreement on its terms before signature.  This occurs from time to time. Munro & Noble’s fees for solicitors within our Court Department are charged on a “time-in-line” basis dependent upon the solicitor’s hourly rate.

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