Adoption and Permanence Orders

At Munro and Noble our experienced Family Law team can guide you through what type of order is right for you and your family.   Adoption Orders remove parental rights and responsibilities from the natural parent or parents and can affect a child’s inheritance so they are not suitable in every situation.  It may be that a Residence Order or Kinship Care would be better suited to your family needs.

Our Family Law team have previously assisted: married couples, civil partners, unmarried couples and individuals identify and progress the best option for them, with due regard to their personal circumstances.   Our Family Team are currently being funded by Local Authorities to carry out direct Adoptions on their behalf parents.

We can also advise anyone with or without parental rights whose child or children are in the Care of the Local Authority when long term care provisions like Permanence Orders are being considered. 

We also advise grandparents or extended family who find themselves caring for another family members’ child or children unexpectedly.  

For further details either telephone 01463 221727 and ask for the Court Department or send an email.

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