Price Transparency

(With effect from 31st January 2021)

In January 2020 the Law Society of Scotland published guidance for Scottish solicitors which requires Firms to publish indicative price information about their services. The published guidance has, as its ultimate aim, the requirement to help consumers better understand the cost of legal advice and services to be provided by Firms such as Munro and Noble.

Craig Cathcart, the Convener of the Law Society of Scotland Regulatory Committee,   stated:-

“The guidance has been developed to improve price transparency and encourage solicitors to proactively publish information to help people seeking legal services make better informed choices.”

Munro & Noble have published details of our fees and expected fees herewith. It is our hope that this will provide increased clarity for our clients as to how we charge for all legal matters undertaken by the Firm.  Please refer to the guides provides for each Department within the Firm for further information in relation to the costs involved.

In some cases (standard residential conveyancing or a divorce where financial matters have been agreed, or wills/powers of attorney) we may be able to offer a fixed fee service.  In other matters, however, a Quotation will be provided and/or confirmation as to the case being fee’d on an hourly “time and line” basis.

It is important that if you are seeking a Quotation from a member of our  Team as to a matter which you require to instruct us on, that you provide us full details of the of the matter which you are requiring legal advice for.

The guides provided for each Department are intended to be transparent as to the way in which we render fees for client matters.  

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