Earn more from your Property Sale

Online Estate Agents appear to promise you the earth for a seemingly low cost fee. However, our figures show that you could be missing out on thousands by using an online agent to sell your home.

At Munro & Noble, we receive a commission based on the actual sale price of your property. This means you can guarantee our Estate Agents will be working non-stop until the best results are achieved for your property sale.

Low Cost Agents could be Costing You Thousands

Munro & Noble achieve around 101.40% of the asking price compared with online agents who achieve on average 95.85%.

For a property marketed at the Highland average of £176,400 Munro & Noble may achieve up to 5.55% more for the seller than an online agent. This would mean the seller could walk away with £9,790 more for their sale.*

How Can Munro & Noble Achieve More?

Online agents usually charge their fee upfront, meaning they get paid whether your property sells or not. This leaves little or no incentive for online agents to work hard to achieve the best results for you, so a property often only achieves the Home Report Value, and sometimes slightly less.

At Munro & Noble, we don’t get paid commission until your property sells. Our team of experienced negotiators work tirelessly to ensure the best price can be achieved for your sale. Our local team of property experts with in-depth knowledge of the local area, keep you informed through each stage of your sale so you can rest assured you’ll be in good hands.

Maximise the value of your home by selling with Munro & Noble. Get in touch with our team today.

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*Based on Munro & Noble Sales figures from July – October 2019. Online Estate Agent Figures based on the national average as reported by Home Owners Alliance. Typically Munro & Noble charge commission of 1% + VAT on the sale price of a property. Historic information is for guidance only. Munro & Noble cannot guarantee property sales prices. Individual property sales prices are dependent on many different factors.

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