Take the stress out of buying/selling property – JUST ASK!

3rd March 2020

Buying and Selling property

It is considered to be an emotional rollercoaster whether first time or not.

Even though buying and/or selling a home is one of those life events that you actually plan for it is nevertheless a complex process which is why it is considered to be one of the most stressful life experiences. It is almost certainly up there with bereavement and divorce.

All lawyers will have moved house at some stage and will have suffered the same stresses as you believe it or not! And whilst we cannot take away all the ups and downs we can appreciate them and we can do our best to make your experience as easy and as simple as possible.

When you are buying/selling a house we know that you suddenly find yourself talking to estate agents, financial advisers, solicitors, and surveyors – all of whom come with their own language, methods, and timescales. If you don’t understand at any stage- just ask!

Let us help you. Let Munro & Noble take some of the stress out of the whole process for you. We offer in-house services for all of the aforementioned (with the exception of the surveyor but we can even assist with engaging them) under one roof – JUST ASK!

As a firm we aim to try and make the process itself a ‘happy’ one. After all, the anticipated outcome is that we are starting a new chapter in our lives and getting there even if not always enjoyable should be as ‘hassle free’ as possible.

Communication plays a vital role in reducing stress. Therefore, you must trust your solicitor to keep you in the loop at all times when necessary and you must accept that the process is a two-way Street and your role is equally vital. Always respond to all written communication and if there are parts you don’t understand just ask for assistance. Don’t ever feel embarrassed or ignore correspondence because you don’t understand it – remember just ask!

MUNRO & NOBLE – we are all for you, with you.

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