MNFS Update

3rd April 2020

While interest rates and fees always form the basis of why an adviser would recommend a particular lender to a client ; in the present climate there are other points to consider.

Maximum loan to value. We are seeing lenders all applying different thresholds for purchases and remortgages. One lender who pulled back to 60% loan to value last week has this morning changed back up to 80%. Others are still lending at 90%. Having good communication and access to lenders changing their criteria and being able to get your application submitted with urgency is key. Valuations. Lenders have extended the timescales on accepting Home Buyers Reports , which is helpful. Where a valuation is still needed, again different lenders are taking different stances on when they can accept ‘non physical’ valuations from surveyors. Knowing exactly what a lender will be looking for is crucial.

We are aware that there can be special cases around home moves for key workers , and have access to a lender who has specific criteria with enhanced income multiples for NHS staff including paramedics and nurses (under the age of 40).

Please get in touch if we can assit, please call Hamish on 01463 221 727

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