A wee surprise

A small gift of a bottle of bubbly which Munro and Noble’s James Noone surprised his clients with, together with the good news that he had been able to persuade the other side’s solicitor not to contest the adoption application which was scheduled for two days of evidence at Inverness Sheriff Court.  Despite the child having been subject to a Child Protection Order since birth it appeared that a full evidential hearing was required.

James was able to use his close relations with Highland Council’s Social Work Department, to continue discussions with them well after working hours in order to reach an agreement.

The new parents were thrilled with both James and Highland Council’s Social Work Department.

To find out more about adoption, or any other family matter, Munro and Noble’s friendly and experienced Court Department Staff are here to assist you.  Please call 01463 221727, email legal@munronoble.com or visit munronoble.com

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