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19th May 2015

Last night (18th May, 2015)  BBC1 Scotland aired a documentary, featuring  an investigation of Scotland’s biggest companies who do not pay the Living Wage.

‘Low Pay For Life’ programme asked 50 of Scotland’s biggest employers and the majority said that they either did not pay all staff the living wage, or would not say.

The living wage is a voluntary hourly rate that is calculated according to the basic cost of living in the UK. At £7.85 an hour, it is 21% higher than the legally-set minimum wage of £6.50.

The investigation contrasted different approaches taken by companies based in Scotland. On one case reported, Tracey told BBC that she earns £6.50 an hour, the legal minimum requirement. She tells BBC Scotland’s Fiona Walker how she expects her electricity, paid by a meter, to run out before her next pay day. “There’s a possibility that I’ll be sitting on Wednesday night without anything”. 

Munro & Noble are proud to be a Living Wage Employer by guaranteeing all staff an hourly rate above the minimum wage which experts believe covers the costs of food, clothing and utilities. We believe it is important that our staff and their families are taken care of in and out of the office.