16th January 2017

The Westminster Government has in the past been un-sympathetic with regard to releasing public subsidies for onshore wind generation. However, in 2013, hope was given to projects on Scottish Islands on the basis that there may be a case for treating them differently. No concessions were granted in the latest round of incentives announced in November 2016 but a consultation was issued seeking views on whether special treatment should be given. Affected renewables businesses in the Highlands are likely to be aware of the consultation and will have been preparing cases for submission. However, the consultation window is closing and submissions must be made by 5pm on 31 January 2017. Affected businesses could consider lobbying their MSPs and may wish to read the comments of the Scottish Minister for Business, Innovation and Energy on the subject in the Scottish Parliament   on 6th December. The consultation paper can be found here

Wind Farms, Munro Noble highlight the situation