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23rd June 2017

Letting out a property, or properties, can generate instant income. Once all the correct legislation is in place and you are registered as a landlord, then you are good to go.

So, who lets out their property? There are so many reasons why people decide to let out a property:

  • An investment opportunity to be a ‘Buy to Let’ investor.  The return you can receive on your investment has the potential to be much more lucrative than your money sitting in the bank.
  • You may have been left a property in a Will and don’t want it lying empty.
  • You may be moving away and not ready to sell the family home as it holds sentimental value to you.
  • Some people have been unsuccessful in selling their property and need to generate income. 
  • People moving out of the area on a temporary basis and need a property to come back to.
  • Couples moving in together and renting out their empty property.

The reasons are varied and endless.  But, here at Munro and Noble Lettings, we can deal with each different individual circumstance and take the stress out of every aspect of renting out your property. 

‘Thank you so much for the excellent service you are providing. I am delighted at the swift and responsive action taken recently when there was an issue with the shower at one of my properties. The job was done quickly, efficiently and at a very reasonable cost with no hassle to me whatsoever! It took me a while to decide to factor out my two properties, but it’s one of the best decisions I’ve made.’
Heather Martin
Director | On Track Training Limited
‘After having a horrendous time with a national company managing my property, I decided to switch to Munro & Noble Lettings. Had a meeting with Lynne on the Monday, by Tuesday morning she had already arranged for the work I had been trying to get quotes for 8 months, to be done. Absolutely fantastic service.’
Julie Thompson
Property Investor | Business Owner

Click here for a detailed list of our services. Please note, we are happy to customise our service to suit your requirements. 

The Key to Letting your Property