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9th November 2015

Forget changing your relationship status! 

A judge in New York has made a landmark ruling last week, meaning that you can now divorce your spouse over Facebook. Manhattan Supreme Court Justice, Matthew Cooper has ruled that Ellanora Baidoo can use Facebook to serve her husband divorce papers over Facebook messenger because he has been impossible to contact. 

Messages with subject lines like “you’ve been served” could start popping up in American users’ inboxes. The ruling said the woman, Ellanora Baidoo, could private-message her husband, Victor Sena Blood-Dzraku, with the papers but must repeat the message once a week for three weeks for it to be legally binding, according to the New York Daily News.

“As recently as ten years ago, it was considered a cutting edge development in civil practice for a court to allow the service of a summons by email,” Justice Matthew Cooper wrote in his decision. “Since then, email has all but replaced ordinary mail as a means of written communication. … It would appear that the next frontier in the developing law of the service of process over the internet is the use of social media sites as forums through which a summons can be delivered.”

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