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Residential Conveyancing

In recent times market forces have driven down the cost of Conveyancing, which is great news for the customer wishing to buy or sell a property.

Here at Munro & Noble, where possible, we have used technology and re-engineered processes and procedures to improve efficiencies within our service to our clients. This means that our clients can benefit from very competitive conveyancing rates, plus they have the knowledge that if an unexpected complexity arises in the conveyancing process, we have a dedicated team of professionals with the knowledge and experience to process your property sale or purchase with the minimal fuss.

We endeavour to be friendly, available, timely and efficient and will communicate with you every step of the way.

Here in the Highlands a significant proportion of property transactions are not straight forward. Land / Property can be subject to:

  • Crofting rights
  • Boundaries may not have been legally established. For unregistered properties, (i.e. those not registered within the Registers of Scotland cadastral map), a legal plan is required which can highlight issues with boundaries, if they do not reflect the title boundaries.
  • Servitude rights, (right to utilities), may be obscure.
  • Title conditions and reservations affecting the land may require careful examination.

These are just some of the issues we regularly encounter. An important reason why using local professionals can be prudent and, in the long run, may save you money and unnecessary hassle.

At Munro & Noble we will go the extra mile to give you peace of mind in all your property transactions.


  • On behalf of my husband and family I would like to express our gratitude and many, many thanks for all you’ve done for us. We will be ever grateful.’ (Mrs D, Sept 2014)
  • ‘Mr R would like to express his gratitude for your strong support’ (Mrs M, Sept 2014)
  • ‘Thank you for your correspondence over the past few weeks and for the smooth handling of the sale of our property’ (Mr & Mrs M, September 2014)
  • ‘Great, thank you and well done for doing such a great, hassle-free job. Appreciated.’ (Mrs M, August 2014)
  • ‘Very many thanks for your friendly help with these matters ... I will sleep much better this weekend!’ (Mr Mac, August 2014)