International Child Abduction

If your child, or children, have been taken from your care to a foreign country outwith Scotland without your consent, we can offer you urgent advice in this regard.

The UK, along with a host of other countries around the world, is party to the Hague Convention, which sets out a procedure for handling cases in which children have been illegally removed to or retained in signatory countries. If the Country to which the child has been abducted is not a party to the Hague Convention, advice should be sought from the Foreign and commonwealth Office or Reunite.

At Munro & Noble, our goal is to provide the best guidance possible and our focus is on you and your child’s best interests. Our Family Law Team has experience with both UK and international relocation and abduction disputes. 

Information on International Child Abduction and Relocation can be found within our Child Law leaflet. To downlad a copy, click on the LINK